This web-site outlines various up-dates on some of the Presenter's  current projects.


    THAIS SHER, (Surname currently Sher), works as a Presenter, Broadcaster, Writer, Comedy Writer/Screenwriter/, Executive Producer, Co. Dir/ CEO.  Various projects are being arranged and Produced under her Production Companies, Epoch Ent./ Logos Productions Ltd.


    She and her Companies are currently working on a Number of Projects, in various genres for TV and Radio Projects.- But mainly relating to Original Comedy/ Comedy,Opera, Architecture and Documentary for TV/Radio/On-line . A number of projects are currently 'on the go!'.

    Her Production Companies are part of the BBC, ITV and C4 TV and integrated media suppliers lists and she is invited to continue supplying ideas/Projects. She has experience Working as both Sole Producer and also as Co-Producer. Her Production Companies also have made Progams for BBC Radio and currently Works / supplies for BBC Radio. She Works with various Networks, Incl. Primaily the UK based Networks BBC, ITV, C4, Sky, etc......

    Since 2012, she has recently been Executive Producing and Presenting Programming for BBC World Service/R4.

    She is also writing more and more in the Genre of Comedy within Broadcast Media, and since 2011, she is writing Gags for various TV shows.


    Books, Articles, Scripts, Comedy/ is the main genre of her Writing Work.

    ´╗┐´╗┐Between 2000-2005, She formed an Independent Production Agency, which Produced Media based Projects, Including Documentary Films for the 2002/3 Seasons in London and during 2002-2005 in the US. Many Projects were in Association with IMG.

    She supports and has worked with various charities in the UK and US. She holds joint Nationality/ Passports, UK and US.

    She is a Senior Associate Member of the RSM.

    She is a member of Equity and The Writers Guild.



    Though she is primarily a Presenter, between 2000-2005, she formed an Independent Production Agency, which Produced Media based Projects, Including Documentary Film and headed certain Campaigns for the 2002/3 Seasons in London and during 2002-2005, in the US. Many Projects were in association with IMG.

    Sshe has been invited by a number of leading Arts and Medical related Institutions to help develop their various projects.-i.e. Productions at the Royal Shakespeare Company, R.S.C., The OUDS, The London Institute, The London Group, John Caird's The Caird Co. Theatre Co, 'The Art Party' Theatre Co., NY, and With Thelma Holt, etc. Also, for Various Medical Charities.  Aside from her current work, Thais has also previously produced and arranged various documentary projects.

    Her friends, most of whom are in the Theatre world, are her main sources of support. Some of her favourite philosophers, include: Hajrat .I. Khan, Ouspensky, Schopenhauer, Freud (though more psychology, has always enjoyed his work from a philosophical viewpoint, too), and friends, whom she has here and there posed questions,e.g. Colin Wilson.

    She takes Alexander Technique sessions at RADA.

    She has always been fascinated by psychoanalysis (to read such material as a Hobby!), too since picking up a copy of Freud's 'Introductory Lectures' and 'The Interpretation of Dreams', then Jung when she was around 8yrs old and has found it difficult to put copies of Freud down, since! She plus had always enjoyed the work of Reich, Maslow, Adler, Fromm, etc, etc..... Her own much loved personal library contains many first / original publications of some of these writers, incl. Freud.  .

    She has Epilepsy.


    She lived in NY/ LA from 2001-2005. She was unfortunately subject to a trauma whilst living in NY, when she then moved back to London..........

    She has always enjoyed dressing up and collecting couture garments (from Balenciaga, Balmain, (e.g. Opera Coats) to Oscar de la Renta, Scaasi, etc).


    Thais' background is English, Japanese, Russian and UK/USA, (she is joint UK/US Passport holder).


    Thais writes:

    'What excites me is the fact that all of the creative media: Film, Music, TV, etc, and Interactive Technology, ultimately feed into each other. I'm particularly attracted by their potential synergies, productively developing the links between these fields and exploring opportunity together with those alive to the possibilities of an increasing integration.'


    • Thais Sher is a member of Equity and of The Writers Guild UK. She is also a Senior Associate Member of the RSM.


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